HCC Theater Upgrades Phase 1

The general scope of work for this project includes the first phase of code improvement upgrades to the theater space. The work includes fire alarm upgrades which include new speaker strobes to be provided in the theater space that complies with NFPA 72 coverage. Beam detectors will be installed within the theater for early warning detection. Heat detectors will be provided in adjacent theater related spaces and within the Storage area below the stage. New fire rated doors and frames will be provided at the storage space below the stage. Pull stations will be provided at each Exit from the theater, as well as in the Control Room. Control modules shall be provided that will turn on theatrical lighting system House lights to full brightness and mute the local sound system serving the Theater under a fire alarm condition. Magnetic door hold opens tied into the fire alarm system shall be installed at the Theater entryways / egress doors. New Exit signs will be provided at each egress from the Theate as well as the hallways, Stage left and Stage right.
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